PHS policies - Implementation and monitoring guide

Objective 7 : Better working conditions and health and safety provisions for PHS workers


Indicators to assess Description of the indicator Source of the indicator
Number of hours of work The total number of hours of PHS work by year
  • For the reasons described above (objective 1), it is not possible to use existing national and European sources to assess the working conditions of PHS jobs.
  • Therefore, to collect data on the working conditions of PHS jobs, the public administration in charge of the system should collect new administrative data. We recommend that data are collected every year by means of an obligatory census of all workers at PHS companies. Every company that received a license/certification should provide a full set of information regarding all the workers at the company (PHS workers and administrative employees):
    • By profile characteristics (gender, age, nationality, education, region of domicile, etc.)
    • By employment characteristics (contracts, employment duration in the system, etc.)
Gross hourly wage The average gross wage by hour of PHS workers
Total gross wage per month The total gross wage by month of PHS workers
Type of contract The number of contracts of definite and indefinite duration of PHS workers by year
Hours of contract The number of part-time or full-time PHS worker contracts by year
Atypical hours The number of contracts with atypical hours of work
Training rate of PHS workers The number of individual PHS workers that have followed a training course paid for by their employer by year
PHS worker accidents at work The number of PHS worker accidents at work by year