PHS policies - Implementation and monitoring guide

A context to determine and/or justify the chosen objectives


The official objectives of the policy will be chosen according to and motivated by the specific local/national context. More specifically, the employment and social situation in a given region or country will help to determine and justify the selected objectives. Below, we present some key indicators that will provide crucial information on the context of the country/region.

  • The existence of an undeclared market (see Eurobarometer data):
    • The share of undeclared work;
    • The price of undeclared PHS;
  • The unemployment situation (see Eurostat data):
    • The unemployment rate (by level of qualification);
  • The work-life balance and needs for PHS in the population according to its structure (see Eurostat data):
    • The female activity rate;
    • The fertility rate;
    • The share of personal and household work conducted by women (versus men) at home;
    • The dependency ratio;
    • The percentage of single-parent families;
    • The share of bi-active households;
  • The characteristics of the current formal market:
    • The share of formal PHS before the introduction of the measure;
    • The cost of formal childcare and elderly care (EU-SILC data)